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 The Time is Coming

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PostSubject: The Time is Coming   The Time is Coming Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2015 9:20 am

It's time that the guild start working harder, together, to gear each other and move forward towards larger things.

We need to finish up people leveling and running GHA, so that we can make a substantial impact in PvP and have everyone either start crafting or buying end gear armor. Many of us have already started, but as a group we're still behind and falling further behind daily.

The server has taken a unique turn at this point where politics are a mess and nothing too serious is happening, so it's an opportune moment to push forward very hard.

Along with this, it's important that everyone get im teamspeak as much as they can. Besides getting to know each other better, it creates problems now for guild goals, getting help, and being a part of the guild as well as down the line in more difficult raids, trading, and PvP. It may sound stupid, but it is an enormous task to learn, talk, lead, and type during even grinding sometimes.

Along with all that, when members refuse to get in teamspeak it creates a divide in the guild, where one group stays in game chat and the other doesn't notice it too often. The people in game chat only, typically, rarely check the forums too. This makes it where people in game chat either feel left out or actually, indirectly, get left out because of not involving themselves with the guild mediums and functions (teamspeak, the forums), and then we're broken. This has happened twice now and shouldn't, being everyone recruited knows teamspeak was required. We gotta fix this.

Encourage your fellow guildmates to sign up here and get on teamspeak. Be a part of the guild, not just in the guild.

-Leader of Knights Templar
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PostSubject: Re: The Time is Coming   The Time is Coming Icon_minitimeSun May 10, 2015 3:58 pm

I think we have a pretty good start on this pushing forward thing now. obviously with the means to make much more gold daily than members had before, it is going to be easier for us to start buying the mats we need to craft better equipment or just flat out buy it. And with at this point having a total of 5 so far that will be donating to the guild at least 15g a week with their trade runs if they do any, AND are diligent with dues (for lack of better term) then that is 65g at least a week that the guild is making, which can be a HUGE help in the future. Alone we are strong. Together we can be unstoppable.
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The Time is Coming
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