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 Teamspeak Info

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PostSubject: Teamspeak Info   Teamspeak Info Icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2015 9:46 am

We use teamspeak as our VoiP for the guild.

The teamspeak is public, however guests can only enter the public lobby and the recruitment channels. If you are in the guild and do not have access please contact an officer or above in game, poke them in teamspeak, or post here.

If you are looking to join and you get unnoticed sitting in the recruitment channel, poke an officer or above and let them know. You can see the icons in teamspeak are the same in game, so a helmet or eaglevicon is officer or above.

Host/IP Name: ts.knightstemplarguild.com

-Leader of Knights Templar
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Teamspeak Info
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